MOLD BUSTER: Fight Household Mold and Win

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MOLD BUSTER: Fight Household Mold and Win

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If you've got mold in your home and want to get rid of it once and for all, you need to address the root causes. That's where my video course MOLD BUSTER can help. I created it in partnership with mold control specialists as a complete source of best-practices on how to kill mold so it won't come back. So why would you pay money for information on controlling mold safely and effectively in your home? Three reasons:


You won't find the information, insights and technical details in MOLD BUSTER anywhere for free online. I'm Steve Maxwell, I'm an award-winning how-to authority, I've been helping people succeed with their homes since 1988, and I have fifteen years of research and experience are behind this book. All the details have been verified by mold experts and follow current best practices in the mold abatement industry. MOLD BUSTER is like a mold control course for ordinary people.

Your Health.

Getting rid of household mold safely is important. It matters and it isn't as easy as it looks. Not if you intend to stop mold from coming back for good. That's because there's more to the job of mold control than just wiping on bleach then forgetting about it. Eliminating mold once and for all begins by fixing the root causes that are always behind household mold, then killing mold spores in a way that actually works. 

By the time you finish MOLD BUSTER you'll know how to:

* stop wet winter windows – the main cause of household mold in cold climates.

* deal with mold that grows on walls and ceilings.

* determine if the mold growing in your home poses a health risk.

* eliminate bathroom ceiling mold and stop it from coming back.

*kill mold on porous surfaces. Hint: it doesn't involve bleach.

* minimize the growth of mold in a flood situation.

Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

If MOLD BUSTER doesn't deliver all the know-how you need to solve your mold problem, just let me know. I'll happily and immediately refund your money, and you get to keep the book. It won't cost you anything. Returns hardly ever happens with my ebooks and course, but you're covered just the same.

Household mold is ALWAYS a symptom of larger problems. That's why I teach a wholistic approach to mold control.  

  • Got a moldy bathroom ceiling? Watch the video in his book and read the instructions to see how to make it look like new.
  • Afraid of using bleach in your home? Got kids or pets in your family? Mold Buster shows you how to kill mold organically, without resorting to harsh chemicals.
  • How does the air in your basement smell? Is it musty? That typical "basement odour" is probably mold, and it could be affecting the quality of air throughout your entire home. Eliminate basement mold and you'll breathe easier with what you'll learn here.
  • Is there mold in your attic? It's not unusual, but few general contractors understand how to get rid of attic mold once and for all. Learn how with Mold Buster.
  • Are floods possible where you live? Get the low-down on how to handle flood damage the right way, and to stop mold before it gets out of hand.

Like all my courses, Mold Buster comes to you risk-free. Try it for 90 days, and if it's not worth every penny, just let him know and you'll get your money back 

Mold Buster includes a dozen different sections in all, three videos and real-world knowledge delivered in a way that you won't find anywhere else.I'm a nationally syndicated home improvement writer, a builder and I've been specializing in mold control education for 20 years. My work has appeared regularly in the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Mother Earth News, Cottage Life, Canadian Contractor and many other publications. I've been teaching people how to succeed with their homes since 1988, and here's what a few are saying . . .

I’m a first-time home buyer, not a handy man, and you are my mentor for home maintenance tips. You are providing really great service for people like me. Thanks.

-Facebook wall comment 31May2011

Just the kind of information I was looking for. Again, many thanks for the info.

-BM, email

Wow!!! Man... I just became a fan. Great explanation. Thank you Steve for the help. I’ve already told my friends to look you up for advice.

-CR, YouTube

Finally, someone who knows what they are doing.

- mossman381, YouTube

You saved me from possibly making a mistake and further disappointment. Thank you very much.

B. Paterson, email

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