Are you tired of looking at cracked drywall, old nail holes, dents and damage on your interior walls? Want to save money and apply a great paint job to rooms that really need it? Wall repair is key to making any interior wall look great again, and that's what my video course is all about. It's the world's most complete video ebook and course on the subject and you can try it risk-free. 

By the time you're finished you'll know how to:

* Choose the tools and supplies you need for success

* Patch those pesky and annoying nail and screw holes in three quick steps

* Fix drywall screw pops at least as well as any professional drywaller

* Understand the three types of drywall patching products and when to use them

* Patch small and large holes invisibly using just two hand tools

* Apply critical fine-tuning steps to patched areas before repainting

* Choose proper masking tape for different painting applications

* Apply special painters tapes so you get super-crisp painted results just like a pro

* Use painter’s tape while caulking to virtually guarantee perfectly neat results 

Why would you pay money for information on wall patching? Three reasons:


You won't find all the information, insights and technical details in anywhere for free online in one place. I'm Steve Maxwell, I'm a carpenter, an award-winning how-to authority, and I've been helping people succeed with their homes since 1988. The videos, images and instructions you get in this course work together to help you succeed. It's simply the best way to learn.


Got a tough problem that you need extra help with? I'm here to help. My email address is in every copy of , so I'm only just a click away. There's no big company behind the ebooks and courses I create. If you need help, you can come right to the guy behind the course.


If after 30 days  doesn't deliver all the know-how you need to create smooth, perfect walls for yourself, just let me know. I'll happily and immediately refund your money, and you get to keep the video ebook. It won't cost you anything to try it. Returns hardly ever happen with my ebooks and courses, but you're covered just the same.

includes videos and real-world knowledge delivered in a way that you won't find anywhere else. I'm a nationally syndicated home improvement writer, a builder and I specializing in helping ordinary people do extraordinary things with their homes and workshops. My writing, images and videos have appeared for decades in the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Mother Earth News, Cottage Life, Canadian Contractor and many other publications. 

I’m a first-time home buyer, not a handy man, and you are my mentor for home maintenance tips. You are providing a really great service for people like me. Thanks.

- Facebook wall comment


Just the kind of information I was looking for. Again, many thanks for the info.

- BM, email


Wow!!! Man... I just became a fan. Great explanation. Thank you Steve for the help. I’ve already told my friends to look you up for advice.

- CR, YouTube


Finally, someone who knows what they are doing.

- mossman381, YouTube


You saved me from possibly making a mistake and further disappointment. Thank you very much.

- B. Paterson, email

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