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Want to build a beautiful and useful solid wood table for your home? This video ebook is just what you need. It includes printable plans, materials list, directions, photos and online instructional videos for novice and intermediate woodworkers, but there's more. The design here is also easily customized.

Want a tall version of the table like you see above? No problem. How about a short version for use as a coffee table? This design is easy to change. Length, width, height and shelf design are all simple to adjust for your own situation. End table, bedside table, bathroom storage unit – all these options are entirely possible.

*select wood that's perfect for making this solid wood table

*glue boards edge-to-edge to create the wide pieces of wood you'll need

*select lumber with different grain orientations for maximum wood stability

*boost the grade of wood you're using with careful crosscutting methods

*choose and use metal hardware to simplify table construction

*protect the table with a simple wood finish that works really well

I'm Steve Maxwell, an award-winning woodworking instructor and cabinetmaker. Since 1987 my articles have appeared regularly in publications such as Harrowsmith, Canadian Contractor, Mother Earth News, Cottage Life, Homes & Cottages magazine and many others. My family and I live on a rural island in Canada and for 30 years I've lived everything I teach in my video ebooks. There's no big publishing company behind my work, just a little guy (me) and his son (Robert) creating some of the most detailed information products about hands-on living in the world.

Download your plans and video package EASY-BUILT TABLE and save money building your own great furniture that's better than store-bought models. If you've got an interest in learning to work with solid wood building honest, high-quality furniture in simple ways, EASY-BUILT TABLE is a great place to begin. 

Download this video ebook immediately and experience it for yourself. If after examining it for 90 days you're not completely delighted, just ask for a refund. You'll get it. I promise. There's no risk to you and you get to keep the ebook.

Got any questions? I'm the guy who designed the EASY-BUILD TABLE PROJECT and created the video course. I'm also only an email away at steve@stevemaxwell.ca


Steve Maxwell

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