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Want to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables for months without electricity?

Interested in boosting the food security of your family? 

Want to save money buying produce at low harvest prices, then enjoying it all winter long when everyone else is paying top dollar for food in grocery stores? You need a root cellar!

I Wrote the Book on Root Cellars . . .  

I'm Steve Maxwell, co-author of The Complete Root Cellar Book, and my family and I eat from a limestone root cellar in the basement of the homestead house I built on Manitoulin Island, Canada.  My 75-minute Complete Root Cellar Video is the most detailed how-to root cellar video anywhere. You won't find anything like this anywhere else. I create, produce and distribute all my how-to courses and videos from my rural island home. If there's any problem, I'm here to help you personally. 

What You Get With This Video Course

This video seminar delivers detailed instructions for building 3 different kinds of root cellars, plus a package of downloadable, printable plans for constructing each one.

In this video course I also explains how to:

* building your own root cellar in a basement or outdoors

* manage any kind of root cellar for maximum storage life of fruits & veggies

* keep root crops over winter in your garden even without a root cellar

* learn to equip your root cellar for maximum convenience

Try the Complete Root Cellar Video Risk-Free . . . 

I'm an award-winning how-to author and video authority, and I've been showing people how to do things the right way since 1988. Download The Complete Root Cellar Video here and try it risk-free for 30 days. If you're not entirely satisfied after a month, I'll send you a prompt and cheerful refund.  

Thanks for reading, and happy root cellaring!

Steve Maxwell

Read What They're Saying . . . 

"Just the kind of information I was looking for. Again, many thanks for the info."

– BM via email


"Wow!!! Man... I just became a fan. I’ve already told my friends to look you up for advice.

– CR via YouTube


 "Finally, someone who knows what they are doing."

– MM via YouTube

I want this!